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Planting a Seed

Everything starts with a seed, a small beginning. This is the small beginning for my site, the first post.

When you want to plant seeds in the garden, you first decide what kind of plant you want to grow. Will it be a flower? Carrots, or a cabbage, or even a watermelon plant?

I’ve decided to plant a fruit tree.

It will be an apple tree. It takes some time to grow. First preparing the soil, then planting the seed, then watering it. Waiting, and removing weeds, and more watering, and then more waiting. Soon, the baby tree sprouts. Then it grows as fast as it can, which still seems slow. Seasons pass, and before you know it, the tree blooms. This is the beginning of a fruitful time. Tend the tree well, and loads of apples! Enough to give away, so many that pie seems certain.

I will do my bet to show up and water this tree, and pull any weeds that pop up. This is the beginning.